I am Allison (Alli) Plourde, and I am a Work from Home Artist and Momma. I have three beautiful Bio-Babies and two amazing Step-Kiddos who keep me on my toes! I am an artist with a range of niches, including Digital Drawings and Paintings, true Drawings and Paintings, and Ceramic Pottery, wall pieces and Sculpture.

I have been teaching Art for a bit over a decade. I've taught in New Hampshire, Colorado, and in Massachusetts (mostly to High School students).


Since Covid-19 I have become a Quarantined-Momma staying home with my five year old, two year old and my Newborn Babe! Staying home all day is a whole new kind of career that I do not have a degree in! One day at a time I am working on perfecting my Motherly Mayhem and finding ways to reach out to other Momma's. We are all in this together. 

I am developing the Motherly Mayhem Podcast which will gather a community of Women, Mothers, or anyone who has or has had a Mother! I will be interviewing Women to discuss the Mayhem of Motherhood and how we all have our own skills and experience to make it through each hurtle that comes into our path. Each conversation will be unique and REAL. No scripts... No actors... Just everyday Momma's enjoying a chat about what life has thrown our way. 

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