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The Surreality of Parenthood

A coloring book for adults

Hello and thank you for checking out my Kickstarter page for my Surreality of Parenthood Coloring Book! This is a project that I am so thrilled to be working on and sharing with you. Let me give you some background information…


So, I had a sister once, her name was Sarah Merchant and she battled metastatic breast cancer for 5 years before passing away at age 34. Sarah and I spent time together at her chemo appointments and during hospital stays coloring in adult coloring books. She introduced me to ColorInk coloring books and we had a lot of fun bonding with colored pencils in hand.


Now I am turning 34 and I wanted to publish my first coloring book in my sister’s honor. 


This coloring book, The Surreality of Parenthood, is a view into the unpredictable life of parenthood. The illustrations dive into dreamlike worlds where children become mermaids and Parents yearn for more sleep. All of the coloring pages are hand drawn and inspired by photographs I have taken of my own children, life events, and more. 


My intention is to offer this coloring book to parents in need of some therapeutic artsy quiet time. For parents to laugh at similar childhood moments and to feel connected to other parents in the same situations. Though, the Surreality of Parenthood coloring book is for anyone to color, even your kiddos! Not only am I offering these fun moments of coloring, I am forever memorializing my children’s young years of laughter, silliness, and pure exhaustion! 


My goal is that I will be completing this book while working on the #Inktober2019 Official Prompts list starting October 1st and ending on Halloween! I already have 5-10 coloring pages completed, so Inktober will inspire me to complete 20-31 more illustrations that will be in this book! I am so excited and the ideas are flowing out of me like crazy!


Please consider helping with funding project and in helping me to have everything drawn, printed and shipped out before the Holidays! I am offering some rewards if you are willing to help me Kickstart the Surreality of Parenthood in memorial of Sarah Merchant - Mother, Artist, Warrior. 


Thank you, and as Sarah would say, “Embrace your Inner Crazy!”


Allison Plourde

Mother. Artist. Educator.