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Ceramic Sculpture

Through the medium of clay, I aim to capture the surreal and humorous aspects of the societal expectations placed on women, particularly mothers, to seamlessly juggle their roles within the family.
My sculptures serve as both a reflection and a celebration of the chaotic and often absurd nature of motherhood. With a touch of humor and a dash of surreality, I invite viewers to giggle at the struggles and find solace in the shared experiences of navigating the complex terrain of familial responsibilities.
In each piece, I use the malleability of clay to convey the flexibility required of mothers, bending and adapting to the demands placed upon them. The exaggerated and whimsical forms of my sculptures serve as a visual metaphor for the challenges women face in maintaining a delicate balance between their roles as mothers and keepers of the home.
Through this body of work, I seek to create a space for connection among women, providing a lighthearted yet powerful platform for them to find common ground. In the midst of the mayhem, my ceramic sculptures encourage laughter, camaraderie, and an appreciation for the strength and resilience that define the experience of motherhood.

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