Balls! A Balancing Act

When I was a kid, I remember getting a juggling set for one of my birthdays. I spend a good amount of time working on my juggle skills... and to no avail - I sucked at juggling. Two balls... one up... one in hand... switch.... that was about as good as I’d ever get. Now as a Mother I wonder if I had spent more time working on my juggling, if I would be better at balancing my Motherly Mayhem!?

I love Spring. I love the rebirth of all the flowers and leaves awakening from the dead of winter. I’ve been taking my kiddos outside a lot more now that the weather is warmer. My Willow is riding her new bike and loving it. That smile on her face when she went from not believing she could do it... to actually peddling away from my grasp and succeeding! That smile was pure joy.

But the Mayhem in me bubbles up as my kiddos play outside and I find myself just watching them and wondering what I could get done while outside. Wishing I could be glazing my pots or putting away laundry or dishes... or wishing I could just shut my brain off and enjoy the time outside.

So much to do though! How do we do it all!? I’ve been really focused on my pottery, my kids playing outside, and also looking into open teaching positions. In the wake of all that work and play my house is a MESS! My MIA (Mother in Law) came for a visit last week and helped with dishes and laundry and the kids.... and I am so thankful! SO thankful! I’ve never been good at asking for help... but help feels so good when you can actually allow it to happen.

I have to go and get some stuff done today. I need to load up my kiln and fire that off, get home to clean up the house and then prepare for two job interviews next week. I am nervous... hopefully that my glazes come out looking amazing... but nervous! Send me some good vibes... and I’ll be sharing the results in a couple days!!

Love to you all. Thanks for reading. XO

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