Covid Momma Madness

A lot can happen in a year - especially a year riddled with Covid Madness. If you're reading this, I hope you are healthy and that your family has been safe through this crazy pandemic. With the Holiday season over, I am hoping that the height of the Virus will wane and die down sooner rather than later. *fingers crossed*

A year ago I felt like I was on a creative roll! I remember spending as much of my free time in my Ceramics Classroom developing my ideas surrounding the Mayhem of Motherhood. I finally had time to devote to art that expressed my crazy life. I had time to experiment and explore ideas with my press molded bottles.

A year ago I was working on my illustrations that portrayed my Momma Mayhem and the beauty of my kiddos. I didn't have time to overthink what exactly I was trying to say through my art. I wasn't looking to write an artist statement. I was just excited to work! I would make sure that before I finished one artwork I would start a second. I wasn't allowing myself to pause because a pause in my art making allows for doubt.

Doubt is not something I have time for in the progression of my creative voice. Doubt is the muzzle that mutes my voice... and I want to be heard.

Little did I know that March 13th 2020 was around the corner. I was naive and uninformed about the odd virus spreading through China. I had colleagues fearing the virus and it's spread and how that would effect the school year. I was hopeful that this foreign sickness was not something I needed to worry too much about.

March 13th there was the last day of classes before our two week Spring vacation. Friday the Thirteenth. The Head of the Upper School held a meeting and she brought the idea of Remote Learning to the surface... just in case the virus spread enough to close schools. I remember sitting across from my colleagues with wide eyes. Could this really be happening?


I drove home after the meeting, still naive about the magnitude of this situation. I walked in the door of my apartment and I heard the television.

That's Odd.

Why is the television on? No one has been home all day?

I look to the side door of my apartment and notice that it is unlocked. I swear I had locked it before leaving for work that morning!

I picked up a knife from the block and made my way into each room. quietly tip-toeing through the hallway, opening each closet and checking under every bed. I didn't have to stab any intruders but after calling my husband I began to notice that things were missing. His computer, the Xbox, her iPad! Someone had broken into our apartment! My whole idea of community and security changed in an instant.

That night I packed up my kids and I ran away to my parents house to stay for a couple weeks. There I found myself in front of the television watching the news each morning. My anxiety grew as the Spread of Covid-19 grew.


A year ago, March, began the new reality of Covid Momma Madness as I found myself unexpectedly pregnant, teaching full time - remotely, home with my two year old, four year old and 10 year old. I look back on it now and shudder at the memory of it all. I remember the first trip I took to the grocery store after the Shutdown - wearing gloves and a mask and lathering my wallet and phone in sanitizer before I could sit in my car to drive back home.

To be Continued.

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