First Thing's First.

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

1: I gotta get my S#!T Together! #getorganized


2: I gotta finish what I started. #finishit

It can be so easy to start something, especially if you're impulsive (like me) and you can ride the adrenaline coaster as long as it will run. Psychology Today stated:

Starting a new project is like falling in love. It’s exciting, emotionally arousing, and infused with the natural motivator of novelty.

Who doesn't LOVE falling in love?!

Thats me... and my husband... back in 4th grade when our love story began. Don't I look thrilled?

Yeah! Young Love!

But anyway...

The hard part is continuing after the adrenaline is long gone. After the honeymoon phase. After the kids.... After something breaks or you lose your data.... etc. etc.

So what do we do?

What do we do when that juice diet you started leaves you never wanting to look at kale EVER again after drinking it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for three days straight! I'm surprised my husband made it three days...

yum...... *love ya D... FINISH IT!!!! or..... pick a new diet, man. (or don't and buy more Oreos, please...)

What do you do when when your plan fails and everyone you know doesn't believe you can move forward. When you are left only with yourself and the decision of whether to lay back in bed for another snuggly nap... or if you should finally get off your A$$ and FINISH IT.

It's the latter...

Get off your A$$ and FINISH IT!

October 2019 I started working on a big project. I wanted to publish my very own coloring book! I was inspired by my sister, Sarah, again because she loved to color. Sarah and I used to color in adult coloring books while she was in the hospital or waiting on that chemo drip. It was a nice way to pass the time without thinking about the mess of a life we were in.

So I started with a coloring page of Sarah.... and then I made more...

I loved being able to look back at old photographs and find a way to bring them back into my life. Some people do scrapbooking... I make coloring pages! I even started twisting some surreal vibes into the illustrations to make them more unique. #surrealism

So I started a Kickstarted Campaign! The Art of Motherly Mayhem Coloring Book! (that's a mouthful...)

The Art of Motherly Mayhem Collection all started with the idea of a coloring book.

I proposed this project on #kickstarter which allowed me to develop more than 30 illustrations in one month.

Thank you to all of my fans who donated to my Kickstarter.... I love you! The project failed though. I shouldn't say that it failed... I mean, I made the artwork! I just didn't reach my goal donations on Kickstarter.... Crowd Funding is not as easy as I thought! I know that now, but back then...

I felt like a failure... I put down my pen and walked away from the Coloring book idea all together.

whomp whomp....

The plus side to all of this was that when I pushed away from the drawing board... I found myself in the ceramic studio working on some new ideas. I thought....

Hey! What if I incorporate my Motherhood Illustrations onto clay? Why didn't I think of this before?!

So began my Collection: The Art of Motherly Mayhem. Which is something I am really excited about. I finally found an art process that can incorporate all of the media and styles that I love to work with! I am looking forward to seeing how this work will develop and I'll tell you more about this on my next blog post! STAY TUNED!

But first...

I am going to finish my coloring book!

Here a few examples of finished pages. I have gone back and scanned each page and I am re-drawing them digitally. This allows for a much cleaner coloring page for printing onto high quality paper or a clean screen if the colorist wants to color the page digitally.

It's taking a little time because I want to do it right. I worked on my WaterMark that displays my logo, website and Instagram handle. This will allow for anyone to find my work when needed and it also will, hopefully, keep people from copying my work without permission.


Here are a couple detail shots that show the detail I obtained when I re-drew the drawings digitally. Not only was I able to straighten lines, and tweak the perspective, I was also able to add cute little kitty-cats in the windows! Aww..

I will end by saying that I am working on organizing my spaces - cleaning my car, my bedroom, my closet, and finding a place for everything... so I can keep everything in its place. This will allow me to feel more organized and put together... at least that's my hope!


I am finishing what I started. Which feels damn good.

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