Manifestation through Paint

35 years old. *deep breath*

It’s not so bad... but it definitely is different.

I think that is okay.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the second episode of my Mayhem Podcast, my conversations with Marlene. I am still in awe and bewildered by how she manifested her child into her life through a painting.

I think the idea of manifesting your destiny is absolutely fascinating. Even the fact that you could subconsciously manifest your future by throwing out negative stress and vibes into the world.

Marlene spoke of how, when she and her wife were finally licensed to foster/ adopt, she painted a series of work that featured silhouettes of children- why?- because that was her world at the time and her dream for her family’s future. Listen to her words here.

This got me scrutinizing my own artwork.

“I want to paint imagines on a canvas that come true!” “Winning lottery ticket - big house - a nanny and a vacation!”

But really, I noticed that most of my work is based on the past. Often I am using photographs and reminiscing through past moments with my children or honeymooning with my spouse. It’s easy for me to conjure up images from my past and to bring them into my work, yet when I try to imagine what my future may look like on the canvas... it’s blank... a large, freshly stretched canvas with gesso, snow-white and still wet.

Is it strange for a 35 year old to not know exactly what she wants with her future? 8 feel that there are so many aspects of my family’s life that remains up in the air. How does the cosmos decipher that jumble of a manifestation?!

I want to explore this idea in some of my next artworks... trying to dream a little and push my work into the unknown future........

I wonder if anyone else, who may be reading this, has had any experience with using the arts to manifest their destiny?

I’d love to hear more stories of this happening!

What are you sending out into the universe...

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