Motherly Mayhem Pottery Sale!!!

For the first time in my life....

*pause to think* (So forgetful these days)

Yes, for the very first time, I finally have a website with a shop where I can promote and sell my work! Why the hell did it take me so long? Self Doubt? Motivation? Maybe It had something to do with me seeing my students selling their work. I just needed a good push. Like pushing three kids out? And a pandemic... that is always a good motivator!

So here you go! *Drum Rolllllllll......*

Please visit my Motherly Mayhem Store and browse through the pottery! If you Love something, give it a little...

That way, I can continue using similar designs in the future! Data collection... ya know! Don’t forget that all of the pottery pieces in this months sale have been hand-thrown on a potter’s wheel by me, and then I collaborated with my kiddos, Willow & Emelia, with the underglaze work. I then used their creative work in guiding the next step - Sgraffito! (Meaning: To scratch) I used an exacto knife to carefully carve each image into the pot while they were leather-hard and on top of my kiddos paint job.

I am excited to be working towards creative career goals that I once thought were out of reach. Though things may get chaotic balancing loads of laundry with trimming pots and changing diapers... I am moving forward! Thank you for all of your support!

I have to thank my Aunt Robin for being my first Patron on Patreon! It’s pretty amazing that this website exits to help artists remain creatives while also building a community and a following. If you’re interested in learning more about the idea of becoming a Patron... check out

But for those of you who are tired of me posting things about Patreon, OR you’re like my Mom and you are just uncomfortable giving your personal info to. A website you don’t trust... No worries. If you have an inkling to help me out I also have a wishlist on amazon that will help supply me with more materials to keep making.

And know that if you’re here for me, I will be here for you! Want some one-of a kind pottery? Want some personalized coloring pages? Let’s work something out!

Again, thank you for everything!

Stay Healthy!


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