Pandemics and Pottery

Hello everyone! Oh, how I have missed you. There have been so many times that I have wanted to write or Podcast to you, but life has just been... Mayhem.

So many changes have happened since I last wrote. New Job! New location! New house! New Art Studio! New Schools! New childcare!


Lots and Lots of Covid Testing....

Shout out to all of the school nurses, first responders, and volunteers! Just three days ago I drove to a testing site for Covid Testing. I arrived 20 minutes before the site was open - and I was about the 15th car in line. 8:40 am. My daughters and I waited thirty minutes in line before we had the pleasure of booger swabbing our nostrils. 9:15 we drove out of the line and the line of cars had grown from 15-20 cars to over 100 cars! 9:20 in the morning and over 100 people were waiting in a long line to get there noses swabbed!!!

I couldn't believe it. It scared me. I began wondering,

Will we end up going fully Remote again?! - PLEASE NO!

Three days later, we have not gotten our Test results. I've had to take four days off of work as well as pulling my kiddos out of daycare all week - waiting for results. I can't even imagine how overloaded the labs and lab technicians must be with all of the boogery swabs they are testing.

How are all of us parents surviving right now? It seems like every other week there is a Covid scare in the family! A cough! A sniffle! Nose swabs and waiting for results.

I am overwhelmed. The only thing that I have found to give me comfort is seeking solace in my messy art studio. Getting my hands dirty with clay or paint while shutting out the rest of the world. Do you have a creative outlet that helps you get through the weeks shadowed by Covid madness? I hope you do.

I will be back! Soon!

I will start posting some of the artsy things I am up to in my studio or in my classroom when I can finally get back to school!

Fingers Crossed for a negative result.

Wishing you all the very best. Stay healthy. Stay sane. Make art.


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