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Bubbling with Excitement

In the world of ceramic art, there are moments that shimmer with significance, moments that validate the countless hours spent shaping clay and breathing life into creations. I am overjoyed to share one such moment: the invitation of my sculpture to the 25th San Angelo Ceramic Competition, in loving memory of Darlene Williams. It's a milestone that fills me with excitement and gratitude, marking the beginning of a journey to share my art with the world - Or at least with anyone who is able to visit San Angelo, Texas!

Being part of the larger ceramic artist culture is a dream to come true. It's an opportunity to connect with fellow creators, to learn from their experiences, and to contribute to a community driven by a shared love for clay. As I prepare to showcase my sculpture at the competition, I am reminded that this is just the beginning – the first brushstroke on a canvas of endless possibilities.

Of course, behind every journey lies a tale of preparation, and mine involved a rather humorous mountain of bubble wrap. As I carefully packaged my lady, "Burdened Grace" for shipment to Texas, I couldn't help but marvel at the insane amount of bubble wrap that enveloped her. Each layer served as a cocoon of protection, ensuring that my girl would arrive unscathed and ready to dazzle the judges. You go girl!

As I set my sights on the 25th San Angelo Ceramic Competition, the grand opening on April 19th, I do so with a heart full of excitement and a mind open to the wonders that lie ahead. It's a journey of discovery, of growth, and of wrapping up dreams (or sculptures) one bubble at a time.

Warm regards,

Alli Plourde

Embrace your Inner Crazy!



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