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From Pedestal to Pavement

SCULPTURE HUNT! - can you find my Lady hiding in the gallery photos?

My Sculpture in the San Angelo Exhibition

Hello, fellow ceramic enthusiasts!

It seems like months ago when I announced - My sculpture was accepted and is currently on display at the prestigious San Angelo National Ceramic Competition, alongside the works of over 100 incredibly talented ceramic artists. This exhibition is a significant milestone in my journey as a ceramic artist, and I’m eager to share my experience with you.

The Thrill of Acceptance

When I received the news that my sculpture had been accepted into the San Angelo Exhibition, I was over the moon. This exhibition is renowned for showcasing some of the finest ceramic art from around the country, and to have my work included was a dream come true. I spent countless hours perfecting my piece, pouring my heart and soul into every detail, and the acceptance felt like a validation of my hard work and dedication.

The Heartbreak of Missing the Opening

Unfortunately, life had other plans, and I wasn’t able to attend the gallery opening in person. It was a bittersweet moment for me, knowing that my sculpture was there, part of such an esteemed exhibition, but not being able to experience the excitement and camaraderie of the opening night. I had envisioned standing in the gallery, seeing the reactions of visitors, and sharing the moment with fellow artists. Missing this opportunity was a significant disappointment.

The Gallery Installation Images

The gallery was kind enough to send images from the installation, giving me a glimpse of how my sculpture was displayed among the other works. As I eagerly scrolled through the photos, I couldn’t help but notice that my piece wasn’t featured prominently in many, if any, of the images. My initial excitement began to wane, and a wave of insecurity washed over me. Why wasn’t my sculpture highlighted? Did it not stand out enough among the other incredible works? These questions lingered in my mind, casting a shadow over my achievement.

Confronting Feelings of Inferiority

Feeling inferior as a ceramic artist was a tough pill to swallow. I started to doubt my skills and the value of my work. However, I soon realized that these feelings, though natural, were an essential part of my growth as an artist. Every artist faces moments of self-doubt, but it’s how we respond to these moments that define our journey. Instead of letting these feelings consume me, I chose to use them as motivation to improve and grow.

A Renewed Determination

This experience has ignited a new fire within me. I am determined to continue honing my craft and pushing the boundaries of my creativity. I want to learn from this experience and use it as a stepping stone towards becoming a highlighted sculptor in future shows. The urge to grow and evolve as an artist is stronger than ever, and I am excited about what the future holds.

Looking Ahead

To all my fellow ceramic artists, I encourage you to embrace the highs and lows of our artistic journey. Each experience, whether triumphant or challenging, shapes us and helps us grow. Let’s celebrate our achievements, learn from our setbacks, and continue to create with passion and purpose.

Thank you for being a part of my journey. Here’s to many more exhibitions, endless creativity, and the joy of ceramics.

Embrace your Inner Crazy! Always,

Alli Plourde


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